BFD XL with 1/2" mount (Complete except thread protector)

BFD XL with 1/2" mount (Complete except thread protector)


The BFD XL is identical to our groundbreaking BFD with the exception of having a 3" BFD Tube versus the 2.25" BFD Tube on the original. The difference from the 2.25" to the 3" allows full coverage over longer brakes or flash hiders that would have the tip protrude from the original length Tube. The BFD XL has the same 1.000" muzzle device maximum outside diameter capacity as the original BFD.

The BFD XL tube fits all existing BFD mounts in any muzzle threading size. 

Comes with 1 BFD Mount in the size specified.

Thread protector NOT included. In some instances a thread protector may not fit, based on the hand guard/muzzle relationship and the ID of the hand guard on the host weapon. Feel free to email with questions. 

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