BFD With 1/2" mount (complete except thread protector)

BFD With 1/2" mount (complete except thread protector)


While muzzle device blast shields and flash cans are nothing new in the shooting industry, our Indian Creek Design BFD (Blast Forwarding Device) is unique and unmatched in its ability to allow the user to utilize virtually ANY muzzle device and be able to re-direct all muzzle blast downrange. 

Muzzle brakes are punishing to both the shooter and any individuals in the area as they spread a wide pattern of concussive shock and flying particulate as they do what they are designed to do, to combat recoil. 

The more effective a muzzle brake is at combating recoil means the more punishing the concussive blast it throws off is. This leads to range buddies, your spouse, your kids, heck, not even your dog wanting you to shoot with you any more. You are generally shunned by those near you on the range, let alone on your entry team or in any other tactical situation. 

Enter the BFD.     

Designed to fit over ANY 1" outside diameter or smaller muzzle device, the BFD takes the blast/exhaust from your muzzle device and directs it downrange. Period.

Our ICD BFD has been extensively tested in various configurations, with various muzzle devices, and on a myriad of calibers up to and including the 7mm Remington Magnum with excellent results. We have tactical trainers that use our BFD on a regular basis who have over 160,000 rounds through their BFD’s with no negative effects. Yes, multiple barrels have been shot out while the original BFD still keeps doing it’s thing!

 The Indian Creek Design BFD is available in matte black anodize or raw aluminum in a variety of muzzle thread diameter sizes. The BFD weighs a mere 2.6 ounces.  The O.D. is 1.49" and OAL is 3.1." Maximum projection when mounted is 2.5."  Everything we make is 100% made in U.S.A.

NOTE: The thread protector is NOT included. In some instances a thread protector may not fit based on the hand guard/muzzle relationship and the ID of the hand guard on the host weapon. Feel free to email with ANY fitment questions. 

If you have a unique application that isn't listed please send us an email with a description to

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