Introducing the PRP


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time.

There has been much speculation about why and when we are emerging from the shadows and coming back into a more active role in the Paintball industry. We could go into a lengthy discussion, but all of that is unnecessary to share. You simply need to know we are here to have fun, to provide some alternative choices to paintball players, and to play a part in what we feel will be a renaissance in the sport.

   There has also been a huge amount of conjecture about what kind of marker we would debut first. For us it was a simple choice, a return to our roots and an homage to the old school days when we started way back in 1986. While our return seemingly coincides with other significant dates that affect the industry those are just dates on a calendar that have now gone by. We are simply looking forward to bringing our ideas and integrity mixed with a huge dose of fun back into this awesome sport.   

Enough talk, let's do this... 

Indian Creek Design, Inc (ICD) proudly presents to you the "PRP", our 30th Anniversary Marker

The PRP is a Nelson based poppet valve equipped Pump operated marker, with auto-trigger capability. It features a gas through grip frame, fall-away hinged receiver with tool-less field strip, toggle on/off/de-gas ASA, "cocker" threaded barrel, and ICD logo billet grips. The PRP is currently available in black only. It is 100% American made in our Nampa, ID shop and has an MSRP of $499.95

Our Services

In addition to our branded product lines, we offer contract manufacturing services.  ICD has a highly trained, creative staff that can assist in the design, prototyping, production, and assembly processes.  ICD is committed to quality and excellence in every function and department.  ICD offers a manufacturer's warranty on every item produced.  Out extensive supplier and finishing network enables the company to have short lead times.  Please contact our consultants for more information.

When Experience Counts

Indian Creek Design, Inc. is a family-owned business with three generations of manufacturing experience.  ICD has designed and manufactured a variety of consumer products for a myriad of industries.  ICD specializes in CNC precision machining of many materials, including exotic plastics and composites.  Our products are made in the U.S.A.

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