MoFo with HERO Adapter

MoFo with HERO Adapter


This model of our MoFo (Modular Fore-end) chassis system comes complete with our HERO AR Handguard Adapter instead of either the Tommy, slimmy, or Johhny Fore-ends. You simply add your Buttstock, Grip, and AR Handguard and you have all you need to trick out your Ruger American® short action rifle. 

As with all the MoFo fore-ends, the MoFo Action housing contains the entire action and recoil lug system so the barrel is 100% free floated. Any barrel diameter that fits through the adapter can be used. 

The HERO MoFo comes in black only- 

(Chassis shown is equipped with an Aero Precision® Quantum M-Lok in 12" length)

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