HERO - AR Handguard Adapter

HERO - AR Handguard Adapter


Our Handguard Extension Retrofit Optimizer (AR handguard adapter) for the MoFo chassis sytem allows the owner to choose virtually any style AR rifle handguard and mount it on their MoFo chassis Action Housing. The HERO uses the AR Barrel Nut (should come with your chosen handguard) to mount the AR handguard, providing a fully free floated tube style fore-end for your rifle. 

As with all the MoFo fore-ends, the MoFo Action housing contains the entire action and recoil lug system so the barrel is 100% free floated. Any barrel diameter that fits through the adapter can be used. 

Available in Black anodized finish only.

(Chassis shown is equipped with an Aero Precision Quantum M-Lok in 12" length)

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