AR/MoFo - MoFo Chassis for Ruger American Rifle® feeding via AR style magazine

AR/MoFo - MoFo Chassis for Ruger American Rifle® feeding via AR style magazine

from 399.95

AR/MoFo - (MOdular FOre-end) Chassis for any Ruger American® Rifle equipped from factory with AR magazine (fits any and all RA’s feeding from AR mags as original equipment).

MSRP starting at $399.95 USD up to $449.95 USD

Our Indian Creek Design AR/MoFo Chassis for the Ruger American® was designed to allow those who have an AR mag fed RA to have a 100% USA made high performance rifle chassis to enhance the capabilities of their excellent Ruger American® rifle. There’s no need to suffer through dealing with the flexible OEM stock or buying any un-American parts for your most American of rifles! Whether it is used for hunting or for ringing steel, punching paper or keeping your area's varmint population under control, we've got the key to unlocking your RA’s full precision potential covered.

Our chassis is the lightest, leanest, and most modular of any offered for the RA rifles and as with all of our ICD products it is 100% made in the USA. Customizing your AR mag fed RA has never been easier! You can outfit your chassis as you see fit, making it mild or wild as it utilizes other common AR hardware for the pistol grip and butt-stock. The possibilities are virtually endless.  

The Chassis comes with buyer's choice of either the Slimmy, Tommy, or Johnny fore-end (the fore-ends are pictured on left, from left to right are the Slimmy, Tommy, and the longer Johnny with RRS standard ARCA swiss rail and M-lok built in) in two standard colors, Matte Black or Gunner Gray. Both colors are done in Type III Milspec Hardcoat anodizing for an enduring finish that will stand up to the rigors of field use and look as good as they shoot.

Chassis Details:
Chassis weighs 1.5 pounds with fore-end attached and all hardware in place.

Chassis comes with new 1/4 - 28 x 1" action screws with bushings, a 1/4-20 grip screw, SS action saddles, magazine release and associated hardware (dowel pin, spring, and set screw), fore-arm mount hardware, and a front sling swivel post on the Slimmy and Tommy fore-ends. 

This chassis uses AR15 platform magazines of any capacity up to and including 100 round drum mags.  Amend 2®, various Magpul®, and Lancer® magazines have been tested in the chassis with zero feed/function issues.

The ICD MoFo Chassis accepts AR carbine commercial and MilSpec buffer tubes and buttstocks and accepts all AR pistol grips without beavertail (some “soft beavertail” models may fit depending on the style/manufacturer). 

The Slimmy and Tommy Fore-ends come with mounting holes spaced to accept a variety of different pic rails (if only there were a standardized spacing, right?) and any "universal" rails with variable mounts on one end may fit depending on their length, please measure and buy accordingly. There are many that will fit and many that do not. Holes in Slimmy and Tommy fore-ends are threaded for 10/32 fasteners.
Max Barrel profile for free float is a straight taper 1.4" O.D. (It can fit a larger barrel than can be mounted to a RA, you’ll have no free float issues, ever).
The chassis is also available in "raw" machine finish for those who would prefer to have their own finish applied.

Please note: While any centerfire short action Ruger American® rifle will bolt into the AR/MoFo Chassis, without the AR magazine compatible bolt supplied by Sturm Ruger® with the rifle at time of it’s original purchase feeding from an AR magazine will be problematic at best. Indian Creek Design, Inc. does not endorse attempting to use any mismatched major components in that fashion and are not responsible for any injury or incident arising from any such negligent activity.
 Email for help with any question regarding  the MoFo Chassis including questions regarding the purchase, any options, etc, as well as any Military or First Responder discounts.  

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